Durban, KZN

CREDIT: Novos Digital Cinema and Kierran Allen Photography, and Something Visual. Soundtrack: Oh Wonder – Shark (Illemium Remix)

The video was created by a group of Durban photographers – Novo Digital Cinema. You can find them on Facebook, or read the story about how and why the video was made.

Some fun facts: Durban one of KwaZulu Natal’s main centers. It is situated on the eastern seaboard, and is a destination city for travelers from around the world. And although you’ll be fairly busy during the conference, it’s good to know that the city and province offer some delightful and spectacular opportunities to explore a bit of South Africa.

KwaZulu Natal, or KZN as its also known is one of South Africa’s nine provinces.

In the local isiZulu language, KwaZulu means ‘Place of the Zulu people’. The word Zulu is derived from eZulweni,  which loosely translated means ‘heaven’ or ‘sky above’. The name ‘Natal’ dates back to 1497 when Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama sighted the beautiful coastline while sailing past on Christmas day and named it ‘Terra de Natalia’ in reference to the birth of Christ. After South Africas’ first democratic elections in 1994, the two names were joined to form KwaZulu-Natal.